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Broken extensions

Under normal circumstances, extensions compatible with Firefox version a.b will also be compatible with version a.b.n for all n. In other words, extensions compatible with 1.0 are also compatible with 1.0.1.

Hence Firefox 1.0.1 shouldn’t break any of your extensions. However, you may find that Fx brings up the dialog saying that it has disabled your extensions for compatibility reasons. You may then find that many (but not necessarily all) of your extensions have indeed stopped working, although they are not actually disabled in the Extension Manager. To resolve this, manually disable all broken extensions in the Extension Manager (by right-clicking each one in turn and choosing "disable"), restart Firefox, manually enable them all, and restart Firefox again. (Reports indicate that this problem applies to Windows ME and Windows XP SP2 but not Windows 98, having upgraded Firefox over the top of an existing installation rather than uninstalling the original.)