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Firefox will display an error titled "The page isn't redirecting properly" when a webpage redirects you in an endless loop. This page describes a few things to check for that may cause this problem.


Turn cookies on

  • Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> Cookies
  • Make sure "Accept cookies from sites" is checked.
  • Make sure the site you're trying to access in not in the Exceptions list.

Clear cookies

You may have data in your cookies that the site doesn't expect. To clear this data:

Firefox 1.5:

  • Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> Cookies
  • Click "Clear Cookies Now"

Firefox 2.0:

  • Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> Cookies -> Show Cookies...
  • Click "Remove All Cookies"

Enable referrer info

Check that network.http.sendRefererHeader is set to 2:

  • Type about:config in the Location Bar, press Enter.
  • Find network.http.sendRefererHeader
  • Right-click on it, click Reset.

Bad website

The problem could simply be an error in the website's coding. Contact the webmaster for assistance.