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How do i import the feeds from my current rss reader 'abilon'. it can safe OPML but thunderbird cannot read it.

How adding an OPML import/export feature along with an alterts function similar to that in sharpreader?

What version of the RSS standard are accepted?

Several, such as 0.91, 1.0, and 2.0.

What is RSS? (acronym for...?)

Originally, RDF Site Summary. Later, Really Simple Syndication, according to

Can one keep the pages in a cache?

A problem - my laptap has to be connected to the net in order to read the pages. Is there a way to receive a subscription 'in the background', that is, like the IMAP... I would update the feeds, and then the subscription is loaded, along with all the links, so that I can get on the plane and then all the stories are there.

This would be very practical, as I could have the article on my computer, to search, etc.

Any suggestions? Use with a cache?

Does anyone have any Idea why I can't find the RSS Account setup under my Create New Account menu? I have version 1.0 -- and I used the Software Update to make sure that I had the newest version -- Under Create new account, I only have the options for either E-mail account or Newsgroup Account. Thanks for any help.

Pravin -


You probably did a custom install, and did not select 'RSS Support' in the install options. Try uninstalling, and then reinstalling- watching for the 'RSS Support' option, and checking it. (Or- it is automatically checked in the 'Standard Install' option)

This should solve your problem...


What if a feed URL is NOT verified

Everytime I have a valid feed URL it will not be verified. I am assuming a Rueters feed would be a valid feed, but it won't be verified. What needs to happen?