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I think this article needs to discuss PGP / GPG as applied to email encryption, before it discusses more advanced methods such as encrypted disks. A good starting point would be the EnigMail extension. --Mozcerize 13:22, 2 February 2006 (UTC)

Someone should edit the title for grammar. How about "Protect the contents of the profile"? Or at least "Protect the profile's contents".--AnotherGuest.

Considering that not everyone will know what a profile is, how about "Protecting your mail messages"?--Np 14:24, 3 October 2006 (UTC)
Sounds good to me, especially considering that it's Thunderbird. Sorry to have been obnoxious about the title, but my undated note above has been there for quite some time now. --AnotherGuest. 3 Oct 06
I disagree. If you're going to be consistent than you need to also propose renaming the articles about the profile folder, profile backup, moving your profile, combining two profiles, roaming profile, sharing a profile, the profile manager etc. I dislike many articles names but IMHO its counterproductive to start arguments about them unless there is a real problem. Tanstaafl 22:18, 3 October 2006 (UTC)
I don't see why we'd have to rename them. All those articles deal with the profile in its entirety. This article is talking about messages in particular. The other option to changing "profile" to "messages" is to change the wording of this article to make it clear it's dealing with the entire profile (for any application too, while you're at it) rather than just messages.--Np 23:58, 3 October 2006 (UTC)
While the primary focus is on messages it also protects your address books , passwords, cookies , keys and what you've subscribed to. I haven't seen any sign that this causes problems for users, in fact it has been very convenient to frame an answer (in the forums) in terms of protecting the profile. I don't want to change something that isn't broken, without a much better reason. If you want to write an article about protecting profiles for any mozilla application, go for it. I don't want to see this article turn into that because of the compromises it always causes. Tanstaafl 03:43, 4 October 2006 (UTC)

I restored the text about being able to bypass the profilepassword extension by using safe mode since security by obscurity doesn't work if the person has already gone to the trouble of learning enough to find this article. I don't want to add message encryption using s/mime or enigmail to this article, its already pretty long, and that topic deserves its own article. The other problem is that s/mime and enigmail don't appear to let you protect any ordinary messages (sent with no encryption/digital signing) that you receive. Tanstaafl 09:43, 3 October 2006 (UTC)