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Q: What is this character that's showing up in this table a lot? "…"

I see a square box with 4 mini text items in it... 0 0 8 5 is the text... windows maps that to "U"... but I doubt that's what the original author intended to have in there. Thanks

A: 'Ellipses' as in "..." as in the original menu item for instance.

That is what I intended to be in there and that is what I see. Some people (probably without even noticing) do succeed in converting them all to some silly character when editing using an inappropriate character mapping on their machine. I had to correct that at least once after someone apparently inserted one line by extracting the whole table to a file on their own system, adding that line and then replacing the table with the edited version from the file. I think what you see is an artifact of your OS and/or character mapping etc. Windows does not map it to 'U'. In Windows I see it as it is (as I typed it in) - dot dot dot. That it is converted to one character is not my preference.

I have changed the KeyConfig link to the current page on AMI, which is the present incarnation of TEM. It is much more informative and useful than the Mozdev page which is no longer maintained. The AMI page has several versions of the extension, a decent description and links which include the extension's discussion topic 'owned' by Dorando (the extension author) on Mozine, the extension's discussion topic on AMI and also a link to the same homepage as the extension itself links to in the FF Add-ons window.

I expect you are aware that the 'nav bar' (which MKB calls the 'Quickbar') may be moved to the left (or even suppressed) in your MKB profile preferences so, when you are logged in, you can get what you wanted there. I am not convinced that reducing the font size and making those who cannot read such small text use ctrl-'+'. is a proper solution. That discriminates against those many of us (including me) who cannot read text as small as you have chosen. Why not instead make the 'very able sighted' use ctrl-'-' if they need - which they currently will not, because, except for the column headers, which can still be read, the particular cells overlapped (at the top of the table) have no information in them. This is a question of planning for accessibility since very many unsubscribed users will now not be able to read the table without zooming whereas before others were faced with only a minor inconvenience.

I leave it to you to reconsider given that, even if they start with it, few people retain 20-20 eyesight as time goes by and small print therefore causes a lot of stress even if zooming can enlarge it.

Personally, I have no serious problem in this case since the skin (/preferences?) I use (originally?) had some kind of font control, so that when logged in I see the size as I used to. Moreover I keep the sidebar on the left anyway in this context. However, for the many 'read only' visitors those facilities are not available.


Re: keyconfig home - Cool beans... good to know that... they should publish on a.m.o too... I'd give them a 10 since I've been using them for eons

Re: Font size - I don't have 20/20 vision, and yes it's too small... but I don't really have any suggestions... I thought about putting a bunch of line breaks in, but that would look bad... I also thought of putting some sort of image in too to bump it down, but I can't think of a picture. You are correct when I was factoring this in for "read only" visitors... I don't know exactly what to do about it... Any thoughts?

Re: Ellipses - Under Windows XP standard en-US code page and en-US Firefox, it doesn't show the ellipsis... and under Linux it shows the square... however if one uses the special html character code of … it shows them correctly under Linux... but I'll have to double check Windows in a moment after I leave this message.

Test for ellipses between the quotes "…"

Thanks for the quick reply :)
Martimus8 23:03, 11 January 2008 (UTC)

In Windows XP it does show an ellipses as well. Any concerns for you in doing it that way?
Martimus8 23:11, 11 January 2008 (UTC)

Re: Font size: To save so many people having to zoom in (assuming that they know how to) my own preference would be to 'keep it simple' by putting that back to what it was, not fiddling around with it any more and not sacrifice accessibility, usability or functionality to circumvent a minor (but mildly irritating) blemish which is actually caused by a poor choice of default setting for the sidebar.

I think that the appropriate action, should you really want to do something, is to persuade the KB administrators to change the default for the 'Quickbar' to the left so it doesn't interfere with proper use of the scrollbar for wide items.

Re: Ellipses: In FF I use Western (ISO-8859-1) and allow webpages to set the font etc. That's about as standard as it comes as far as I know. I'm not actually looking to store the ellipsis character; three full stops is what I typed originally and that's what I wanted. So if you have a way to achieve that then it should be thus as best for absolutely all comers. If not and … is universal then fine.


Re: Ellipses: … is the Unicode and "universal" for the translations, especially in Asian languages... so perhaps that would be best to use instead of just the 8859-1... Windows seems to handle it alright, but I'll need to pop over to Linux and confirm. I do known that MediaWiki has to be set into Unicode mode for somethings, but it appears it doesn't need to be for Windows...we'll see about Linux in a few minutes

Re: Font size: I would love to persuade the admins to move it to the left side, but unfortunately I don't exactly know who to talk to. MediaWiki by default, always has it on the left side just for this exact reason... but does allow it to be moved around. Anyhow... I'll go ahead and restore it back to the way it was because it is hard to read right off the bat. It will still interfere with navigation though which is unfortunate until something different is figured out. Thanks for conversing with me on this... it is much appreciated
Martimus8 07:08, 12 January 2008 (UTC)

Test unicode ellipses "…" Works in Linux
Martimus8 07:28, 12 January 2008 (UTC)

Re: Font size: Fine now. Discussion no problem. Good to see someone taking an interest in this area. You should be able to make suggestions re Quickbar on/via the Knowledge_Base_changes page.

Re: Ellipses: Looks fine to me.