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This article doesn't mention possible DNS issues, ISP issues, proxy issues or other issues mentions in other forum faqs. Jumping straight to the standard diagnostic might be overkill and a bit hasty. At the very least, I'm going to add a link to that forum topic. If we want to actually recreate some of the information in the forum topic in brief, that might be good, too. --Jonnyq

The stuff in that topic is covered in Error loading any website. Would DNS, ISP, or proxy issues affect only some sites and not others?--Np 11:38, 6 September 2005 (PDT)
There are lots of folks in the forums that get "the connection was refused..." on certain sites only. It's not uncommon. It seems like it's often "I can access every site but Google" or even every site but I have an issue at work where I can't access a certain website, and I know that its their ISP's DNS. I have had a similar issue at home with the same ISP, but different site, while others next door on the same ISP are unaffected. I digress... But yeah, DNS, proxy, etc. can affect some sites while not affecting all, especially with all the various firewall software than can block certain sites. I'll edit this article to point to Error loading any website --Jonnyq

There are two concepts that have been mixed here: (1) all Web sites vs. some Web sites; (2) no access to the Web vs. some access to the Web. I don't have time to straighten it out, but I think the two articles could be: (1) Can't access any Web site; and (2) Can't access some Web sites, or intermittent error loading Web sites. Something like that needs to be done, but I'm concerned that changing titles might break links throughout KB. AnotherGuest

Hosts file

A hosts file has the ability to redirect Internet requests. Review your hosts file to see if it contains any entries other than localhost . be on this page instead of / in addition to Error loading any website?

New sections

Many times when I recommend this article people tell me it doesn't apply because their problem happens randomly. Also, the article seems to lack any subsections and is too "bunched together" if you will. To solve this I would like to add a section for Problem seems totally random and another for Some websites still don't load. The former would include site may be down, and domain name service (DNS), disabling IPv6. Does anything else cause the problem to seem random? Pipelining perhaps?

The latter section would be at the end and contain the suggestion to try error loading any website.

Any objections or suggestions?

I'd rather you put stuff like that in a separate article, prominently displayed on top of this and the Any article. "Random errors loading websites" or somesuch. (Actually, that makes it sound like the error happens all the time but the message is random).--Np 02:03, 17 May 2006 (UTC)
I had also thought of doing that with the same article name, but I realized it would sounf like the error was random... suggestions for a better title welcome, I'll see if I can think something up.--Lethargy 03:19, 17 May 2006 (UTC)
I have added a first draft of what I'm guessing should be in this article on my User talk page. I'll continue this discussion there so I don't make such a mess here.
The article is now at Websites randomly don't load. I don't know if we should remove pipelining from this article or not, I'll leave it up to those more experienced.

Combine articles?

It was suggested that the three articles we now have about problems loading websites be combined into a single article, to avoid confusion. As this would involve the three articles that are now linked by a 4th Error loading websites article, I started a new discussion there: Talk:Error loading websites Alice Wyman 02:21, 20 July 2006 (UTC)