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*[[Roaming profile]] *[[Roaming profile]]
*[[Synchronizing Windows based PDAs]] *[[Synchronizing Windows based PDAs]]
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-* [ Other synchronization ideas] (was written for {{Mozilla Suite}} but also applies to Thunderbird) 
[[Category:Mail (Thunderbird)]] [[Category:Mail (Thunderbird)]]

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Trying to sychronize your Thunderbird mail on two different computers? Below are some possible solutions.

  • If possible, switch to an IMAP account. All your mail (incoming, outgoing, drafts, etc.) will be stored on the server and be accessible from multiple computers. Many IMAP providers also let you configure your account (server-side) to fetch mail from separate POP accounts. You could also use the Synch Kolab extension to synchronize your address books.
  • Try Synching Thunder, which was designed to synchronize Thunderbird mail stored on different computers. Make sure to read the installation notes and other documentation carefully.
  • Install Thunderbird separately on each computer but store your profile on a portable USB device or on a network file share. To launch Thunderbird with that profile, use the -profile "path" command line argument.
  • Set Thunderbird to leave incoming mail on the server (for a long enough period of time) so that the same messages can be downloaded on both computers. One way to do this: for the secondary computer only (such as a laptop), go to "Tools -> Account Settings -> [account name] Server Settings", check the box for "Leave messages on server", and then set "Tools -> Account Settings -> Copies & Folders -> Bcc these email addresses" to automatically send yourself a copy of any messages you send. On your primary computer write a message filter that moves those messages to your Sent folder and marks them as read. Note: in some cases leaving mail on the server may cause the same messages to be downloaded repeatedly on the same machine.
  • Use a script or batch file like 4NT to synchronize the files in two profiles. This method is most likely to cause problems, especially if you forget to synchronize before doing something that modifies the profile.

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