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  1. Moving your profile folder (15118 bytes)
    3: ... then restore the backup using software like [[MozBackup]] that knows how to update the profiles.ini file....
    4: * Manually restore a [[profile backup]] to a different location.
    5: * Manually restore a profile backup after reformatting the hard disk.
    17: ...'s recommended that you make a [[profile backup | backup]] of all of your profiles before continuing.
  2. Disappearing mail (8420 bytes)
    55: ...ckup your profile first using something like [[MozBackup]].
  3. Getting started with Thunderbird (6671 bytes)
    31: * [[Profile backup]]
  4. Duplicate messages received (3708 bytes)
    32: ...ise to first make a temporary [[Profile backup|'''backup''']] of your mail and settings.
  5. Cannot send mail (11125 bytes)
    55: ...estarting—close Thunderbird and restore the backup copy.)
  6. Themes (8579 bytes)
    10: [[prefs.js]] in the profile folder and you can backup that pref to a file or copy that pref to [[user.j...
  7. Thunderbird : FAQs : Backing Up and Restoring (28 bytes)
    1: #REDIRECT [[Profile backup]]
  8. Compacting folders (14889 bytes)
    68: :*Make a temporary [[Profile backup|backup]] of it.
    78: ...your [[profile folder]] using something like [[MozBackup]].
  9. Importing from Eudora - Thunderbird (7709 bytes)
    13: ...ages, crashes, etc. So it is recommended that you backup Thunderbird and Eudora data prior to doing import...
  10. Getting an SMIME certificate (7601 bytes)
    25: ...ficate and select the certificate. Then press the backup key. You will be prompted for a password which yo...
  11. Antivirus software (15025 bytes)
    3: ...conservative and cautious. And make sure you have backups of your profiles.'''
    37: * Make regular [[profile backup | backups]] of your Thunderbird mail and other profile dat...
  12. Safe Mode (13400 bytes)
    93: ...ard to reverse unless you have a recent [[profile backup]].''' [
    100: ...ruption issues]]. '''Warning: Unless you made a backup copy of [[localstore.rdf]], this change cannot be...
    101: ...bookmarks_from_backup|restore your bookmarks from backup]].
    102: ... This change cannot be reversed unless you made a backup copy of the [[prefs.js file]].'''
  13. Moving address books between profiles (5490 bytes)
    26: ...self is unusable. Of course you have made regular backups which you can simply import, but just in case yo...
    40: ...mended that you regularly [[Profile backup | make backups]] of all your Thunderbird application data, incl...
    42: ... become corrupted, you will still have a separate backup that you can import into any Thunderbird profile....
  14. Mozilla Suite : Issues : Email (722 bytes)
    5: ...nd, if you use IMAP, ImapMail folders). [[Profile backup|Back up]] your mail folders, and delete the .msf ...
  15. Combining mail from two profiles - SeaMonkey (9561 bytes)
    14: ==Make a backup of both profile folders==
    17: ... original data to your Main Profile. Also make a backup copy of the SourceProfile, as you may need to ren...
    29: your SourceProfile Mail account folder (or the backup copy) such as "Inbox" to OldInbox and "Sent" to O...
    44: ...h to regain the disk space and no longer need the backups.
  16. Third party profile backup software and services (7367 bytes)
    1: ==File backup==
    5: ...s backed up extensions as installable .xpi files. Backup/restore entire profile or just certain parts, i.e...
    8: ...aba/download_backup_software.htm Jaback] : A file backup utility for Windows or Mac OS X that supports sch...
    9: ... tool for Windows. It supports logging, zipping a backup copy, and a differences window that identities wh...
    11: ==Profile-aware backup==
  17. Junk Mail Controls (23745 bytes)
    90: ...ins with ***SPAM***. If you run into this problem backup the SpamAssassin.sfd file and then change what it...
  18. Sorting newsgroups (1556 bytes)
    6: # Make a temporary backup copy of the "<account-name>.rc" file
    10: Note: You should make a backup copy before manually editing any file in your pro...
  19. Dev : Firefox Chrome URLs (18367 bytes)
    620: |class="cdesc"|Certificate backup with password prompt?
    670: ...cdesc"|"Certificate authority has asked to make a backup" prompt
  20. Migrate from Thunderbird to Mozilla Suite (1384 bytes)
    3: # [[Profile backup|Back up]] your entire Mozilla Suite [[Profile fol...

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