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  1. Performance - Thunderbird (16562 bytes)
    19: ...ox to another folder, exit Thunderbird, [[Profile backup | back up]] your profile, delete both the "Inbox....
    56: ... -> Work Offline). You can't rely upon them for a backup.
  2. Keep it working - Thunderbird (5457 bytes)
    21: ... ImportExportTools] add-on instead as it supports backup scheduling and is actively maintained.
  3. Uninstalling extensions - SeaMonkey (2374 bytes)
    11: ...sions it's a good idea to [[Profile backup | make backups of your profile folder]] before deleting or chan...
  4. IMAP (17580 bytes)
    64: Local Folders instead (or before restoring the backup).
  5. Browser.bookmarks.file (3314 bytes)
    14: ..._bug.cgi?id=259238]. Either make sure you have a backup copy of the bookmarks file in the new location or...
  6. Attachment save slow - Thunderbird (1309 bytes)
    9: # Recommended: make a temporary [[profile backup|backup]] of your Thunderbird profile folder (or at least...
  7. Actions for attachment file types (12563 bytes)
    57: ... Recommended: make a temporary [[profile backup | backup]] of your Thunderbird profile (or at least of the...
  8. Recovering a profile that suddenly disappeared (11106 bytes)
    5: ...ate the accounts in Thunderbird unless you have a backup or unless it created a copy with a different name...
    27: .../ Mozbackup]. Then use Mozbackup to restore the profile.
    73: 1. Exit Thunderbird and make a backup copy of the prefs.js file.
    77: ...n unzip the "*.pcv" backup file as described [[MozBackup | here]] to get the backed up prefs.js file. Oth...
    83: ...ever, thats no substitute for regularly [[Profile_backup | backing up your profile]].
  9. Phantom folders (1925 bytes)
    4: ... pane. If this occurs exit Thunderbird, [[profile backup|back up]] your profile and:
  10. Corrupt localstore.rdf (5991 bytes)
    16:] If you have no localstore.rdf backup, you will need to close Firefox (or SeaMonkey) a...
  11. Profile folder - SeaMonkey (21727 bytes)
    92: ...|transfer your data to a new profile]], [[Profile backup|back up your profile]] or [[Moving your profile...
  12. Bookmarks.html (2115 bytes)
    18: ...recreated on start up from the [[bookmarks.bak]] backup file. Deleting bookmarks.html has no effect in F...
    21: * [[bookmarkbackups folder]]
  13. Bookmarks not saved (6180 bytes)
    17: ... a backup file]]. (To create a current bookmarks backup file, simply [[export bookmarks|export your bookm...
    23: "Bookmarks -> Organize Bookmarks -> Import and Backup -> Export HTML".
    26: ...if there is also a problem with the JSON bookmark backup files.)
    29: recent JSON bookmark backup file. If no JSON backup is found, Firefox will automatically import your ...
  14. Profile folder - Thunderbird (16395 bytes)
    5: ... is a good idea to periodically [[Profile_backup| backup your profile]] to a safe location. Thunderbird do...
    242: * [[Profile_backup | Profile backup]]
  15. Bookmarks-(date).html (992 bytes)
    2: ...e).html", in the [[bookmarkbackups folder]], is a backup of "[[bookmarks.html]]" in Firefox versions prior...
    11: ...ll have no ill effects other than losing a day of backups.
    14: * [[bookmarkbackups folder]]
    23: * [[Browser.bookmarks.max backups]]
  16. Bookmarkbackups folder (1148 bytes)
    1: {{profile-folder|folder=bookmarkbackups}}
    2: ... [[bookmarks-(date).html]] files (daily rotating backups of [[bookmarks.html]]).
    8: ... this folder will cause the loss of all bookmarks backups. It will be regenerated when it is needed.
    19: Bug 305004 - Create a dated bookmark backup file periodically]
    20: ... as the on disk, lossless format for our bookmark backup]
  17. Images or animations do not load (10508 bytes)
    73: ...not running in the background]]. [[Profile backup|backup your profile]], then [[Profile Manager#Creating a...
  18. Bookmarks.bak (1284 bytes)
    2: bookmarks.bak is a Firefox backup of [[bookmarks.html]] in case of computer failure...
    11: ...marks.bak will have no effect except for losing a backup. The file will be regenerated, normally the next ...
    14: * [[bookmarkbackups folder]]
    21: Bug 218636 - backup bookmark file]
    22: Bug 265120 - Bookmark backup is either broken or useless, bookmarks.bak is alw...
  19. Edit a stored message (5404 bytes)
    33: ...e_folder_-_Thunderbird | profile]]. <p>You should backup the mbox file before trying this but its safer th...
  20. Using Outlook and OE contacts with Thunderbird or Mozilla Mail (2304 bytes)
    7: # [[Profile backup | Backup your profile]].
    8: # Backup the Outlook Express/Outlook contacts.
  21. Daylight savings time (4263 bytes)
    27: You may want to [[Profile backup | backup your profile]] beforehand in case you make a mist...
    56: * [[Profile backup]]
  22. Browser.bookmarks.max backups (1583 bytes)
    1: {{preference|pref=browser.bookmarks.max_backups}}
    4: ...sable bookmark backups, or increase the number of backups kept. This preference allows for those options.
    7: backups; -1 will keep an unlimited number of backups. The default is 5 in Firefox 3 versions and has ...
    16: Bug 305004 - Create a dated bookmark backup file periodically]
    17: ...07135 Bug 307135 - pref to disable dated bookmark backup]
  23. Editing configuration/Troubleshooting (2866 bytes)
    14: ...lace. After this test, restore the file from the backup copy that you made.
  24. Knowledge Base changes/Archive (303860 bytes)
    83: rather than about:config as regards profile backups and roaming. Further, it avoids having slightly ...
    720: your profile is, rather than recommending Mozbackup as the first choice) by dumbing down articles suc...
    725: :::* Use the Mozbackup extension.
    1269: ...edirect already. (There is another article, [[MozBackup]], which is a Windows utility, not an extension, ...
    1280: ...The others that I had in my notes (checked an old backup) no longer exist or have been moved already (All-...
  25. Resetting preferences (8475 bytes)
    21: ...e the [[user.js file]], if found, or move it to a backup location (this file does not exist by default).
  26. Preferences not saved (7503 bytes)
    8: ...prefs.js file in your [[profile folder]] with the backup copy.
    9: * If you have no backup, open the profile folder and rename prefs.js to ...
  27. Issues related to plugins (29262 bytes)
    72: ...ove]]) and either rename or move the file(s) to a backup location.
  28. Session Restore (6339 bytes)
    24: ...n be restored (while Firefox is not running) from backups, including "sessionstore.bak". The file "sessio...
  29. Starting your Mozilla application with a specified profile (1611 bytes)
    8: ...'ve copied to a new location or test a [[profile backup]] before adding it to the Profile Manager in this...
  30. Profiles.ini file (3755 bytes)
    10: ...w_bug.cgi?id=278860 bug 278860]). Always make a backup copy before editing the profiles.ini file.
  31. Popstate.dat (7074 bytes)
    32: ...u're not using Windows 7 see if you have a recent backup of your profile. You could copy that popstate.dat...
  32. Import .pst files (17046 bytes)
    25: ...ackup]] the Thunderbird profile. [[MozBackup | Mozbackup]] is a useful tool to do that.
    29: * If it is not practical to backup and restore a profile (perhaps one PC is using Wi...
    99: * [[Profile_backup | Profile backup]]
  33. Message security (17097 bytes)
    98: You can export your own certificates for separate backup. When you export a certificate to back up, the ex...
    134: ...thawte/firefox.html] . It is recommended that you backup your expired certificate in the browser and then ...
  34. Profile folder - Firefox (23553 bytes)
    86: ...important data you should [[Profile backup|make a backup copy of up your profile]].
    101: | [[Bookmarkbackups folder | bookmarkbackups]]
    103: | Daily rotating backups of your bookmarks.
    162: | Backup of bookmarks.html [
    174: | Backup of bookmarks in 3.0 Beta 4 and below and in 3.0 n...
  35. Browser.bookmarks.overwrite (1885 bytes)
    4: ...was removed when JSON became the default bookmark backup format (in [
    20: ... as the on disk, lossless format for our bookmark backup]
  36. Resetting your useragent string to its compiled-in default (1381 bytes)
    7: bug 83376].) Save a backup copy of prefs.js as a precaution, then open the p...
  37. Transferring data to a new profile - Thunderbird (10023 bytes)
    8: ...o that if you use Windows. '''Please note that MozBackUp is no longer being updated or supported. So use a...
    110: * [[Profile backup]]
  38. Transferring data to a new profile - Firefox (10610 bytes)
    5: ... | back up your profiles]] as a precaution. [[MozBackup]] (Windows only)(Please note that MBU is no longe...
    48: * bookmarkbackups
    51: * sessionstore-backups folder
    58: ..., the Transfer Folder may be deleted or kept as a backup.
    68: ... (such as a dated JSON backup from the [[bookmarkbackups folder]] of another Firefox 3 profile) but this ...
  39. Roaming profiles (4461 bytes)
    9: ...echanism also facilitates easy [[Profile backup | backups]].)
  40. Linux and the mouse (15591 bytes)
    73: * Find and Backup/Modify your input device called Mouse1 in the '''...
  41. Offline folders (7286 bytes)
    51: ...e] is a Windows utility that can do a incremental backup of remote folders to .eml files.
  42. Show hidden files and folders (9742 bytes)
    26: any hidden files that end with a "~" (such as backup files generated by gedit). You can view them usin...
  43. Browser.bookmarks.autoExportHTML (1491 bytes)
    4: the format for backups stored in the [[bookmarkbackups folder]] so, by default, bookmarks are no longe...
    20: ... as the on disk, lossless format for our bookmark backup]
  44. Message contains invalid header (3145 bytes)
    27: ...ore them the work around is to [[Profile_backup | backup]] your [[Profile_folder_-_Thunderbird | profile]]...
  45. Lost bookmarks after Firefox 3 upgrade (3215 bytes)
    13: #Open the [[bookmarkbackups folder|bookmarkbackups subfolder]] and remove any .json files to anoth...
    18: ...k "Bookmarks -> Organize Bookmarks -> Import and Backup -> Import HTML..."
  46. Using multiple profiles - Firefox (8827 bytes)
    15: ... bookmarks from backup|here]]). (Note: Bookmark backups in JSON format were introduced in Firefox 3)
  47. Export bookmarks (1454 bytes)
    4: ...'' "Bookmarks -> Organize Bookmarks -> Import and Backup -> Export HTML..."
    7: bookmarks from backup|Restoring bookmarks from backup]] for more information.
    9: ...5] You can set the name and location of that HTML backup via the preference [[browser.bookmarks.file]]. [h...
  48. Edit large mbox files (7508 bytes)
    21: ...t systems, especially if you disable the swap and backup file support (it's also a good idea to disable sy...
  49. Locked or damaged places.sqlite (13435 bytes)
    23: ... folder]] and replace it with the "places.sqlite" backup file.
    28: ...aces database. This may work since the bookmark backup process bypasses certain invalid places.sqlite en...
    38: ...the latest [[bookmarkbackups folder|JSON bookmark backup]]; however, your browsing history will be lost. ...
    40: ...moving the "places.sqlite*" and all JSON bookmark backups and Firefox will use those bookmarks to rebuild ...
    45: ...ons/1187781]. The bug fix restored bookmarks from backup but results in loss of history ([https://bugzill...
  50. Unable to export bookmarks to HTML file - Firefox (5595 bytes)
    8: will be in JSON format, and then restoring the backup. [
    10: ...rks -> Organize Bookmarks -> Import and Backup -> Backup").
    11: #Save the bookmark backup file, which will be in JSON format, to an easy t...
    12: ... ("Bookmarks -> Organize Bookmarks -> Import and Backup -> Restore").
    19: ...ookmarks-(date).json" backups from the [[bookmarkbackups folder]] of the original [[Profile folder - Fire...

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