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==See also== ==See also==
* [[Using keyword searches]] from the Location bar. * [[Using keyword searches]] from the Location bar.
 +* [ The list of extensions to the Search Bar at The Extensions Mirror.]

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Firefox's Search bar is a convenient way to search using your favorite search engines. The default is Google.


Using Search bar

To search click in the Search bar (or press Ctrl+K) and start typing. Hit Enter and your search will be run. You can use Alt+Enter to open search results in a new tab.

The Search Bar supports more than one search engine. To see the list of available engines click the icon at the left of the bar, and a list showing the choices will appear. You can also use Ctrl+Up/Ctrl+Down to to cycle between the available choices.

Installing search plugins

To add new searches to the Search bar, click the search icon and then click "Add Engines...". You will be taken to Firefox Central page where you can install a few more search plugins. The most comprehensive collection of search plugins is available at

You can always uninstall search plugins you don't like.

Clearing search history

You can clear the previous searches from the Search bar. Just right-click it and select "Clear Search History". You can delete individual elements by selecting them and pressing Shift+Del.

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