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There are several ways of scrolling

Methods of Scrolling page vertically

  1. SpaceBar and Shift+SpaceBar one page (screen) at a time
  2. PageDn and PageUp, one page (screen) at a time
  3. Arrow keys
  4. Arrows at top and bottom of vertical scroll bar
  5. Drag the scroller (finger)
  6. Click above or below the scroller for one page up or down
  7. Place the cursor where you want the scroller to stop and hold mouse button down until scroller reaches the mouse.

Methods of Scrolling page horizontally

Methods of scrolling horizontally are basically the same as vertically, except that there are no keyboard shortcuts for horizontally scrolling a screen at a time. Some mice can scroll left or right by applying pressure on the left or right side of the mouse button.

Scrolling through Tabs

  1. Use of the Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+Shift+Tab to scroll left or right through the tabs bar keyboard

Scrolling to resize fonts and/or images

  1. "MouseZoom" extension, hold right mouse and scroll to enlarge or decrease size. Click on both right and left buttons for back to normal. Acts same as using built-in Ctrl++ (increase size), Ctrl+- (decrease size), Ctrl+0 (back to normal
  2. "Image Zoom" extension can be used in the same manner to affect only the image mouse is over.

Missing scrollbars

  1. check DOM configuration settings for dom.disable_window_open_feature on pop-up windows
  2. Theme or styling not up to date

Configuration behaviors

  • mousewheel.* control of how far page will scroll on a wheel turn.
  • dom.disable_window_open_feature can be set to hide scrollbars in popup windows [1]