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If you're having trouble resizing an oversized window:

  • Enable JavaScript. (Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Content -> Enable JavaScript; Mozilla Suite: Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Scripts & Plug-ins -> Enable JavaScript for -> Navigator)
  • Make sure scripts can resize windows. (Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Content -> Advanced JavaScript settings. Mozilla Suite: Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Scripts & Plug-ins).
  • Type: javascript:top.resizeTo(screen.width*0.8,screen.height*0.8);self.moveTo(0,0); into the Location Bar and press Enter.

Other methods of resizing windows:

  • Drag the edges of the windows to resize, drag window by title bar to move
  • On Windows use Alt+SpaceBar to move and resize window, especially if the title bar is not accessible because the window is too high.

If after following these steps, new windows still start up too big, you may have a corrupt localstore.rdf.

Some causes leading to problems of oversized Windows:

  • Extensions: Babylon Toolbar 1.1.8, vshare 1.21
  • Zooming and them moving the window.

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