Resizing oversize window

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  • Enable JavaScript. (Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Content -> Enable JavaScript; Mozilla Suite: Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Scripts & Plug-ins -> Enable JavaScript for -> Navigator)
  • Make sure scripts can resize windows. (Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Content -> Advanced JavaScript settings. Mozilla Suite: Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Scripts & Plug-ins).
  • Type: javascript:top.resizeTo(640,480) into the Location Bar and press Enter.

Note: If your screen resolution is 800 X 600 then you can use javascript:top.resizeTo(800,600) and for a 1024 X 768 screen resolution, you can use javascript:top.resizeTo(1024,768) instead of the above. Using the appropriate numbers inside the parentheses, separated by a comma, will reset the browser window to (almost) full screen.

You can also make a bookmarklet and place it on the Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar or the Mozilla Suite Personal Toolbar so you don't have to type it more than once (bookmarks that contain JavaScript content are called "bookmarklets").