Rebranding Firefox

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Using an extension

It is possible to change the wording using an extension such as Firesomething.

Manual procedure

  1. Go to your Firefox program folder. Then, go to a folder that's called "chrome". Copy that folder somewhere else for a backup.
  2. Within the chrome folder, there is a JAR file called en-US. If that's the language you are using, extract it. You need to find some software that can extract JARs and repackage them. Examples are WinRAR, 7-Zip, Winzip, etc. Alternatively, under WinXP, you can rename it to a .zip, use the built-in un-zipper, make your changes, and change it back to a .jar when you're done.
  3. Within the en-US that you extracted, go to locale > en-US > global. Within the global folder, open up the file "brand.dtd".

Then, you should see something like this:

<!ENTITY lang.version "1.6">
<!ENTITY brandShortName "Firefox">
<!ENTITY brandFullName "Mozilla Firefox">
<!ENTITY version "0.8">
<!ENTITY vendorShortName "Mozilla Firefox">
<!ENTITY releaseURL "">

You may edit that to something like this:

<!ENTITY lang.version "1.6">
<!ENTITY brandShortName "My Browser">
<!ENTITY brandFullName "My Browser">
<!ENTITY version "1.0">
<!ENTITY vendorShortName "My Browser">
<!ENTITY releaseURL "">

That's if you en-US, of course.

Then, repackage everything back exactly how it was and open up Firefox. If Firefox has issues, just restore the back up copy and try again.