Rebranding Firefox

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Using an extension

It is possible to change the wording using an extension such as Firesomething or Titlebar tweaks (both by momokatte).

Manual procedure

  1. Go to your Firefox program folder. Then, go to a folder that's called "chrome". Copy that folder somewhere else for a backup.
  2. Within the chrome folder, there is a JAR file called en-US. If that's the language you are using, extract it. You need to find some software that can extract JARs and repackage them. Examples are WinRAR, 7-Zip, Winzip, etc. Alternatively, under WinXP, you can rename it to a .zip, use the built-in un-zipper, make your changes, and change it back to a .jar when you're done.
  3. Within the en-US that you extracted, go to locale > en-US > global. Within the global folder, open up the file "brand.dtd".

Then, you should see something like this:

<!ENTITY lang.version "1.6">
<!ENTITY brandShortName "Firefox">
<!ENTITY brandFullName "Mozilla Firefox">
<!ENTITY version "0.8">
<!ENTITY vendorShortName "Mozilla Firefox">
<!ENTITY releaseURL "">

You may edit that to something like this:

<!ENTITY lang.version "1.6">
<!ENTITY brandShortName "My Browser">
<!ENTITY brandFullName "My Browser">
<!ENTITY version "1.0">
<!ENTITY vendorShortName "My Browser">
<!ENTITY releaseURL "">

That's if you en-US, of course.

Then, repackage everything back exactly how it was and open up Firefox. If Firefox has issues, just restore the back up copy and try again.