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There is also a comparison of supported web standards.

Comparison between Mozilla products

Feature Mozilla Suite Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Thunderbird Camino
Platforms Supported
Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, others
Mac OS X
Web Browser Yes Yes No Yes
Mail/News Client Optional No Yes No
HTML Editor Optional No No No
IRC Client Optional Via extension No No
Development Tools
DOM Inspector / Javascript debugger (both optional)
None None

Comparison between web browsers

Feature Mozilla Suite/Firefox Camino Opera Apple Safari Microsoft Internet Explorer
Platforms Supported Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, others Mac OS X Windows Linux, Symbian, Motorola, others Mac OS X Windows
Cost Free Free Free Bundled Bundled
Open Source Yes Yes No Partially No
Tabbed Browsing Yes Yes Yes Yes Only via a third-party program (e.g. Maxthon, Avant)
Popup Blocker Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Form / Password Manager Yes Yes Yes Yes Limited / via add-on
Themes Many Some Many Some Via separate application
Extensions Many [1] [2] [3] None None Some Some
Customizability Extensive (e.g. via about:config)  ? Extensive (e.g. via prefs and .ini files)  ? Extensive (e.g. via prefs, registry, policy files)

Comparison between email clients

Feature Mozilla Suite/Thunderbird Eudora Apple Mail Outlook Express Outlook Pegasus Mail
Platforms Supported Windows, Mac OS X and Linux Windows, Mac OS Mac OS X Windows Windows Windows
Cost Free $49.95 (or free with ads) Bundled Bundled Approximately $90 (or bundled with MS Office) Free
Open Source Yes No No No No No
Ability to Block Spam Bayesian spam filter Yes, in paid version only Bayesian and statistical spam filter Needs third-party program Predefined and manual filters only Yes, but unknown methods (standard mail header filters are included)
Extensions Yes No Yes No Yes Yes
Themes Some No No No No No