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Firefox 3 introduced a number of improvements to the Location Bar. Among them were changes to how sites are ordered in the dropdown menu. Firefox takes into account how frequently and how recently sites in the browser history were visited, combining them into a statistic called “frecency.” The frecency of sites is calculated when the browser is idle. The way frecency is computed can be tweaked by a number of preferences.

When a given place has had no visits (perhaps as a result of clearing private data) the frecency must be estimated. These preferences—of the form places.frecency.unvisitedBookmarkBonus and places.frecency.unvisitedTypedBonus—determine the bonus given to these two kinds of URLs when estimating the frecency.

Possible values and their effects

The percent bonus given to unvisited URLs.

By default, the following preferences and values exist:


First checked in

2008-01-25 by Dietrich Ayala

Has an effect in

  • Firefox (nightly builds since 2008-01-25)

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