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Imitating how Wikipedia does it. Last set of pages deleted. --hao2lian, 2005-01-30

Last set of articles deleted. Hopefully, I haven't missed anything. Thanks to everyone for pointing them out. Cookies all around! --hao2lian


  • Thunderbird : FAQs : Network Access: too incomplete, basically useless --Wintogreen 00:41, 28 Mar 2005 (PST)
  • Firefox : Tips : Profile without .slt: considering that Firefox no longer uses .slt, is there any point in keeping this article? (links to it would have to be cleared) --wintogreen
  • Kb:Votes for deletion. Yeah, I vote to delete the wikipedia-style deletion page and all of its associated pages (such as Kb:Deletion policy). Why? Because the current system is simpler and it works fine for this kb. No need to bring in wikipedia-style bureaucracy to the mozillazine kb, which is narrow in scope and has only a handful of active contributors. --wintogreen