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* [[Needed Help]]: another support Q --wintogreen * [[Needed Help]]: another support Q --wintogreen
: Done. --hao2lian : Done. --hao2lian
 +* [[Dev : Extend Chrome]]: moved to Dev : Extending the Chrome Protocol

Revision as of 02:25, 16 April 2005

Last set of articles deleted. Some were special and deserve special mention. --hao2lian

  • Extensions: currently empty, and not good because if you type "extensions" in the search field and hit Enter, you get this blank page; nothing links to it but User talk:Fatalis. --wintogreen
    • Note, that thanks to Fatalis, the history of Extension development is on that page. --asqueella
      • Hm. Would it work to move that page (e.g., to "Extensions development history")? It seems bad to have search for "extensions" default to a blank page like that. --wint.
        • I think no, but would like to be proven wrong. --asqueella
Done. --hao2lian
Done. --hao2lian