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==Using nsIFilePicker== ==Using nsIFilePicker==
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This page is part of the extension development documentation project.

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Note: development documentation is in process of being moved to Mozilla Development Center (MDC).

Using nsIFilePicker

const nsIFilePicker = Components.interfaces.nsIFilePicker;

var fp = Components.classes[";1"]
fp.init(window, "Dialog Title", nsIFilePicker.modeOpen);
fp.appendFilters(nsIFilePicker.filterAll | nsIFilePicker.filterText);

var rv =;
if (rv == nsIFilePicker.returnOK)
  var file = fp.file;
  // work with returned nsILocalFile...


  • If you pass empty string as dialog title, the dialog will have default title
  • When checking return value for Save dialog, be sure to check for nsIFilePicker.returnReplace too.
  • Available modes: modeOpen, modeSave, modeGetFolder, modeOpenMultiple.
  • Available filters: filterAll, filterHTML, filterText, filterImages, filterXML, filterXUL, filterApps.