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On Windows, Mozilla Suite automatically imports IE Favorites when you install the program or create a new profile. To manually import your IE Favorites into Mozilla Suite, first you have to export them from within IE, then import them using Mozilla Suite.

To export from IE

  1. Go to File menu > Import and Export..., then click Next.
  2. Select Export Favorites, click Next, click Next again (unless you only want to export a subfolder of your Favorites, in which case, select that subfolder now).
  3. Click Export to a File or Address, then click Browse and save the bookmarks onto your desktop. (Note: Any filename and location will work, as long as you remember where you saved it.)
  4. Click Next, then Finish, and you're done.

To import them into Mozilla Suite

  1. Go to Bookmarks > "Manage Bookmarks" (you might have to scroll up to find it, depending on the number of Bookmarks you have).
  2. Once inside the Bookmark Manager, go to Tools > Import.
  3. Browse to the file you saved your IE Favorites in, and click on Open. Then rearrange everything to your heart's content.

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