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My Mozilla freezes and/or crashes from time to time.

Freezing or a sudden crash could caused by any number of things - memory problem, harddisc problem, profile problem or a problem with an extension/plug-in.

Spyware, a virus/trojan are also possible causes. Before moving along - check all of the above.


Extensions can cause problems if they are not updated to work with your version/build. If you installed them in your profile - shutting down Mozilla - renaming the chromefolder is a quick way to test if you have an extension causing problems installed. A new chromefolder will be created automatically on the next start of Mozilla. You will then have a clean installation, no extensions running. If things are working ok after having done this you know that problem is most likley caused by one or more of the installed extensions.

Reinstalling them - one by one with testruns in between is the best way to locate what extension that is causing your problems.

The way to go with plug-ins are basically the same. Check the plug-in folder, move any plug-ins out of there and the copy them back - one by one to see what plug-in that might be causing your problems. Check under HELP Plugins - in Mozilla to see what plug-ins you have installed and filenames.

You can also try to create a new profile. There is always a possibility that one or more of the files in your profile has become corrupt. A new profile will correct that.

If the problem persists - you might want ot do a system check-up. There are special software that you can use to do a "burn-in" test. A "burn-in" is a series of tests - checking your hardware during a longer period of time. The goal is the check all parts of the system.