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Beginning with Thunderbird version 0.9, the Message Grouping (Group by Sort) feature lets you organize messages in the message list into self-contained groups according to attributes such as date, sender or priority. For instance, if you set your Inbox to group messages by date, the messages will be organized into folder-like groups labelled Today, Yesterday, Last Week, and so on. You can expand or collapse each group by clicking on the small +/- mark next to the group label. (screenshot)

Messages can be grouped according to date, priority, sender, recipient, status, subject, or label.

  • To group messages: first click on the folder that you want to use (such as your Inbox) and sort the messages in your preferred way: either click on a column heading such as "Date" in the message-list pane, or make a selection from "View -> Sort by". Then select "View -> Sort by -> Grouped By Sort" or simply press the letter "G" on your keyboard.
  • To turn off message grouping: click on any column heading in the message-list pane or choose a different sort order from "View -> Sort by".

Other information

  • Message grouping works on a per-folder basis. For example, message grouping that you apply to the Inbox folder will not be applied to the Sent folder or any other folders.
  • Message grouping does not currently work with Saved Search folders.
  • It's possible to customize the font and background colors used for the header rows (e.g., "Today", "Yesterday", etc.).