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Most (if not all) of the knowledge base articles related to Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey refer to the menu sequences used in Windows. In the Linux and Mac versions of these applications, however, the menu sequences sometimes differ, as shown below.


Firefox and Thunderbird

Note: Starting in Firefox 4, the Menu bar is hidden by default on Windows Vista and above. To access Options (and other menu items), either click the Firefox Button at the top left corner of the browser window or press the "Alt" key to temporarily show a hidden Menu bar. Check View → Toolbars → Menu Bar to keep it visible at all times.

Menu item Windows Linux Mac OS X
Options / Preferences Tools → Options... Edit → Preferences Firefox → Preferences...
Thunderbird → Preferences...
Account Settings (Thunderbird) Tools → Account Settings... Edit → Account Settings Tools → Account Settings...

Application button

Recent versions have a summarizing menu to access frequently used items. This button is either in the upper-left corner of the title bar (Firefox 4.0 and later) or a [≡] button in the right corner of the main toolbar (Thunderbird 17.0 and later).

Menu item Windows Linux Mac OS X
Options / Preferences Options → Options... Preferences → Preferences Preferences → Preferences...
Account Settings (Thunderbird) Options → Account Settings... Preferences → Account Settings Preferences → Account Settings...


Menu item Windows Linux Mac OS X
Preferences Edit → Preferences... Edit → Preferences... SeaMonkey → Preferences...
Account Settings (Mail) Edit → Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings... Edit → Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings Edit → Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings

If you come across other menu differences, feel free to add them to the above.

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