Menu differences in Windows, Linux, and Mac

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This article applies to Thunderbird and Firefox.

Nearly all of the kb articles refer to Windows menu sequences, but these sometimes differ in Linux and Mac OS X. Will list them up here and then this article can be linked in other articles where appropriate to prevent confusion or unnecessary editing of kb articles (example).

The headings below describe the menu sequences in Windows, with their equivalents in Linux and Mac OS X listed below for each. Will make it pretty later.


"Tools -> Extensions"

  • Linux:
  • Mac OS X:

"Tools -> Themes"

  • Linux:
  • Mac OS X:

"Tools -> Options..."

  • Linux: "Edit -> Preferences" (??)
  • Mac OS X:

"Tools -> Account Settings..."

(Thunderbird only)

  • Linux: "Edit -> Account Settings..." (??)
  • Mac OS X:


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