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Several Mozilla products have access to spell checking functionality. A recent patch allows this functionality to work in HTML text editing controls. The spell check function, when active, is accessible via the context menu of the text box.

For spell checking to work, the user must have the appropriate dictionary files installed.

This preference allows the spell check function to be enabled or disabled for multi-line and/or single-line edit controls, and supersedes layout.textarea.spellcheckDefault.

Possible values and their effects


Disable spellchecker.


Enable spellchecker for multi-line controls (e.g., <textarea>s). (Default in Firefox and SeaMonkey)


Enable spellchecker for multi-line controls and single-line controls. (Default in Camino)


  • The dictionary used is dependent on the preference spellchecker.dictionary in applications other than Camino. If that preference is not set, you will be prompted to choose a dictionary each time you access the spell checker. Camino uses whichever dictionary is the default Mac OS X dictionary for your user account.

First checked in

2006-02-08 by Boris Zbarsky

Has an effect in

  • Mozilla Firefox (trunk builds after 2006-02-08; 2.0b1 and above)
  • SeaMonkey (trunk builds after 2006-06-03; 1.1b and above)
  • Camino (trunk builds after 2006-06-03; 1.1a1 and above)

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