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==[[ Dev | Development]] == ==[[ Dev | Development]] ==
''Help for hackers'' ''Help for hackers''
-* Use Mozilla as an [[Dev : Application framework | application framework]] 
* [[Get and compile the source]] * [[Get and compile the source]]
* [[Dev : Extensions | Develop extensions]] * [[Dev : Extensions | Develop extensions]]
* [[Dev : Themes | Develop themes]] * [[Dev : Themes | Develop themes]]
* [[Dev : Plugins | Develop plugins]] * [[Dev : Plugins | Develop plugins]]
-* [[Dev : Project ideas | Project ideas]]+* ([[Dev|more]])
-* [[Bounties | Bounties (Bugs worth money)]]+
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Welcome to MozillaZine Knowledge Base. This website documents various information about products and applications. Because this website is a wiki, feel free to correct/edit pages or start a brand new page. Be sure to read the rules about editing and learn how to edit Wiki pages. To begin, please log in or create a new account. Hang out with fellow MozillaZine Knowledge Base editors at #wiki.

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Introduction to the Mozilla Projects

Mozilla Firefox

A powerful, extensible, and fast stand-alone browser

Need more help? Visit Firefox Help or browse the Firefox links page.

Mozilla Thunderbird

A stand-alone e-mail and newsgroup client with breakthrough spam filters

Need more help? Visit Mozilla Thunderbird Help or browse the Thunderbird links page.

Mozilla Application Suite (Mozilla 1.x)

A remarkable suite of browser, e-mail client, and more, utilizing cutting edge technology

Need more help? Browse Mozilla links. Telephone support is also available.

Gecko and Core Mozilla Components

Gecko is the codename for's groundbreaking layout engine

Look in this section for articles that apply to all the Mozilla products.

Other Applications and Products

Exciting spinoffs of Mozilla


Help for hackers


Spreading and reporting awareness of, interest in, and desire for the Lizard


For all the stuff that we couldn't be bothered to put in a proper category

External Links

Places that deserve a bookmark