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Line 39: Line 39:
| |
|"`" (tick) |"`" (tick)
-|PasswordMaker+|[ PasswordMaker]
|Populate or Clear Password Fields |Populate or Clear Password Fields
|key_populatepasswords |key_populatepasswords
Line 351: Line 351:
| |
|"`" (tick) |"`" (tick)
-|PasswordMaker+|[ PasswordMaker]
|Open PasswordMaker Settings Dialog |Open PasswordMaker Settings Dialog
|key_passwordmakerfocus |key_passwordmakerfocus

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Here you may find listed many of the keyboard shortcut key combinations already used by Firefox and its extensions. If you are the author of a Firefox extension whose shortcuts are not listed or are incorrect here, please record those shortcuts and update the table with any changes as you make them.

If you are not an author but you know of Firefox extensions whose shortcuts are not included here, please help by adding them. Hopefully this will be useful for authors seeking unused key combinations for their use and to reduce the likelihood of extensions conflicting with each other.

It is not really intended for extension users who want to know how to use the shortcuts for particular extensions. Nor is it ordered in such a way as to be suitable for that purpose. However, where key conflict arises, users may find it helpful in resolving the problem.

The table is ordered as the KeyConfig extension shows when displaying shortcut keys sorted by key combination and, within that, by shortcut name.

Keys used by Firefox keyboard shortcuts
Ctrl+ Alt+ Shift+ Key Procedure Function Shortcut Name Permanent Optional Variable Comment
Alt+ "`" (tick) PasswordMaker Populate or Clear Password Fields key_populatepasswords .
Alt+ "=" LookAhead Get next results LookAheadkB .
Alt+ C MRTechAbout:About Display about:config about:config [/About:?] .
Alt+ D Firefox Open Location? Open Location? .
Alt+ Home Firefox Home Home .
Alt+ I Tabbrowser Extensions List of Tabs List of Tabs .
Alt+ J ScrapBook Invoke ScrapBook Editing Mode key_ScrapBookEditingMode .
Alt+ K ScrapBook Toggle ScrapBook Panel on/off ScrapBook .
Alt+ L LiveHTTPHeaders Toggle Header Display in Sidebar LiveHTTPHeaders .
Alt+ L Tabbrowser Extensions Load Tab Session Load Tab Session .
Alt+ Left Arrow Firefox Back Back .
Alt+ P MRTechAbout:About Display about:plugins About:Plugins [/About:?] .
Alt+ Page Down LinkToolbar Next linktoolbar-key2-next .
Alt+ Page Up LinkToolbar Previous linktoolbar-key2-prev .
Alt+ R Tabbrowser Extensions List of Recent Closed Tabs Recent Closed Tabs .
Alt+ Right Arrow Firefox Forward Forward .
Alt+ S Sage Toggle Sage Sidebar Display on/off Sage .
Alt+ Shift+ Down Arrow TBE Focus Last Tab Module Focus Next Selected Tab key_advanceSelectedTabToNextSelected .
Alt+ Shift+ Left Arrow TBE Focus Last Tab Module Focus Previously Selected Tab key_Focus Previously Selected Tab .
Alt+ Shift+ Page Down LinkToolbar Last linktoolbar-key2-last .
Alt+ Shift+ Page Up LinkToolbar First linktoolbar-key2-first .
Alt+ Shift+ Up Arrow TBE Focus Last Tab Module Focus Previously Selected Tab key_advanceSelectedTabToPreviouslySelected .
Alt+ Shift+ Up Arrow LinkToolbar Top linktoolbar-key-top .
Alt+ Up Arrow Go Up Transfer URL to parent directory Go Up .
Alt+ Up Arrow LinkToolbar Up linktoolbar-key-up .
Backspace Firefox Back Back .
Ctrl+ "`" (tick) PasswordMaker Open PasswordMaker Settings Dialog key_passwordmakerfocus .
Ctrl+ "+" (plus) Firefox Increase [Text Size] Increase [Text Size] .
Ctrl+ "," (comma) ImageZoom (development only) Decrease Image Size Smaller [Image Zoom (100%)] .
Ctrl+ "-" (minus) Firefox Decrease [Text Size] Decrease [Text Size] .
Ctrl+ "." (point) ImageZoom (development only) Increase Image Size Larger [Image Zoom (100%)] .
Ctrl+ "/" (slash) ImageZoom (development only) Restore Original Image Size 100% (Original Size) [Image Zoom (100%)] .
Ctrl+ "0" (zero) Firefox Normal [Text Size] Normal [Text Size] .
Ctrl+ "9" WebPanelEnhancer Toggle Sidebar Display On/Off SideBar Page Holder .
Ctrl+ "=" (equal) Firefox Increase [Text Size] Increase [Text Size] .
Ctrl+ A Windows Select All Select All Permanent .
Ctrl+ Alt+ Tab Tabbrowser Extensions Move Tab Right key_move TabRight2 .
Ctrl+ B Firefox Bookmarks Bookmarks .
Ctrl+ C Windows Copy Copy Permanent .
Ctrl+ D Firefox Bookmark This Page? Bookmark This Page? .
Ctrl+ E Related Toggle Related Display On/Off Related SideBar .
Ctrl+ E Firefox Websearch Websearch .
Ctrl+ F Firefox Find in This Page? Find in This Page? .
Ctrl+ F12 GoogleBar Select in Googlebar Search Box key_boxFocus .
Ctrl+ F5 Firefox Reload (override cache) Reload (override cache) .
Ctrl+ F7 WebPanelEnhancer Toggle Extensions Sidebar On/Off Extensions panel ! .
Ctrl+ F7 QuickNote Toggle QuickNote Display On/Off Float [QuickNote] .
Ctrl+ F8 WebPanelEnhancer Toggle Downloads Sidebar On/Off Downloads panel ! .
Ctrl+ F8 GoogleBar Toggle Googlebar visibility Googlebar [Toolbars] .
Ctrl+ G Firefox Find Next Find Next .
Ctrl+ H Firefox History History .
Ctrl+ I Firefox BookMarks BookMarks .
Ctrl+ J Firefox Downloads Downloads .
Ctrl+ K Firefox Web Search Web Search .
Ctrl+ L Firefox Open Location? Open Location? .
Ctrl+ M Firefox New Message? New Message? .
Ctrl+ N Firefox New Window New Window .
Ctrl+ O (Oh) Firefox Open File? Open File? .
Ctrl+ P Firefox Print? Print? .
Ctrl+ R Firefox Reload Reload .
Ctrl+ R Tabbrowser Extensions Reload Tab Reload Tab Stamps on FF
Ctrl+ S Firefox Save Page As? Save Page As? .
Ctrl+ Shift+ A AdBlock List All Blockable Elements List All Blockable Elements [AdBlock] .
Ctrl+ Shift+ B AdBlock Toggle AdBlock on/off firebirdkey-toggle-adblock .
Ctrl+ Shift+ B WikiPedia Bold key_bold ? Variable .
Ctrl+ Shift+ C CopyPlainText Copy Selected As Plain Text Copy As Plain Text .
Ctrl+ Shift+ E EMButtons Show Installed Extensions Extensions .
Ctrl+ Shift+ F AdBlock Overlay Flash (for left-click) Overlay Flash (for left-click) [Adblock] .
Ctrl+ Shift+ F12 KeyConfig Invoke KeyConfig Keyconfig? .
Ctrl+ Shift+ F12 TabMix Undo Close Tab key_undoclosetab .
Ctrl+ Shift+ G Firefox Find Previous Find Previous .
Ctrl+ Shift+ H EnhancedHistoryManager Toggle EHM Sidebar Panel On/Off Enhanced History Manager .
Ctrl+ Shift+ I WikiPedia Italic key_italic ? Variable .
Ctrl+ Shift+ K ScrapBook Capture Page As? Capture Page As? .
Ctrl+ Shift+ K AdBlock Toggle Quickblock On/Off firebirdkey-toggle-adblock-quickblock .
Ctrl+ Shift+ L ScrapBook Capture Page Capture Page .
Ctrl+ Shift+ L WikiPedia Link key_link ? Variable .
Ctrl+ Shift+ L Linkification Linkify/unLinkify Toggle linkifyhotkey .
Ctrl+ Shift+ M WikiPedia Image key_image ? Variable .
Ctrl+ Shift+ M MouseGestures Invoke Preferences Dialogue mgPrefKey Key depends on Localisation
Ctrl+ Shift+ M MinimizeToTray Minimize To Tray Minimize to Tray .
Ctrl+ Shift+ O (Oh) MouseGestures Toggle Gestures Guide in Sidebar Mouse Gestures Guide [Sidebar] Key depends on Localisation
Ctrl+ Shift+ O (Oh) EMButtons Show EMB Options Dialogue Options .
Ctrl+ Shift+ P AdBlock Invoke Preferences Dialogue Preferences [Adblock] .
Ctrl+ Shift+ Page Down Tabbrowser Extensions Move Tab Right Move tab Right .
Ctrl+ Shift+ Page Up Tabbrowser Extensions Move Tab Left Move tab Left .
Ctrl+ Shift+ Q WikiPedia Signature key_signature ? Variable .
Ctrl+ Shift+ R Firefox Reload (override cache) Reload (override cache) .
Ctrl+ Shift+ S MenuEditor Customize Menus Customize Menus? .
Ctrl+ Shift+ S HideSearchBar Toggle FF Searchbar Visiblity key_showhidesearch .
Ctrl+ Shift+ T WikiPedia Table key_table ? Variable .
Ctrl+ Shift+ T Tabbrowser Extensions Save Current Tab Session Save Current Tab Session .
Ctrl+ Shift+ T EMButtons Show Installed Themes Themes .
Ctrl+ Shift+ W Firefox Close Window Close Window .
Ctrl+ Shift+ W WikiPedia External Link key_weblink ? Variable .
Ctrl+ Shift+ X Firefox Switch Text Direction Switch Text Direction .
Ctrl+ Shift+ Y Linkification Auto-Linkify On/Off Toggle linkifytogglekey .
Ctrl+ Shift+ Z Tabbrowser Extensions Undo Close Tab Undo Close Tab .
Ctrl+ Shift+ "[" (left square) LinkToolbar First linktoolbar-key-first .
Ctrl+ Shift+ "]" (right square) LinkToolbar Last linktoolbar-key-last .
Ctrl+ Shift,Alt+ Tab Tabbrowser Extensions Move Tab Left key_moveTabLeft2 .
Ctrl+ T Firefox New Tab New Tab .
Ctrl+ U Firefox Page Source Page Source .
Ctrl+ V Windows Paste Paste Permanent .
Ctrl+ W Firefox Close Tab Close Tab .
Ctrl+ W Tabbrowser Extensions Close Tab Close Stamps on FF
Ctrl+ X Windows Cut Cut Permanent .
Ctrl+ Y Windows Redo Redo Permanent .
Ctrl+ Z ImageZoom (development only) Zoom Images With Text Zoom Zoom with Text [Image Zoom (100%)] .
Ctrl+ Z Windows Undo Undo Permanent .
Ctrl+ "[" (left square) LinkToolbar Previous linktoolbar-key-prev .
Ctrl+ "]" (right square) LinkToolbar Next linktoolbar-key-next .
Del Firefox Delete Delete .
Esc Firefox Stop Stop .
F1 Firefox Help Contents Help Contents .
F11 Firefox Full Screen Toggle Full Screen .
F3 Firefox Find Next Find Next .
F3 AllInOneSearchButton Find Next Find Next Optional .
F5 Firefox Reload Reload .
F8 PrefBar Toggle PrefBar visibility on/off Preferences Toolbar .
Shift+ Backspace Firefox Forward Forward .
Shift+ F12 GoogleBar Select in Googlebar Search Box key_boxFocus2 .
Shift+ F3 Firefox Find Previous Find Previous .
Shift+ F8 GoogleBar Toggle Googlebar visibility Googlebar [Toolbars] .