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Alerts by email are not sent

Issue: Email alerts are not sent.

Versions: Sunbird 0.2 and Calendar Extension 0.8.3 on Firefox.

Background: Sunbird 0.2 is built on a plain Mozilla core and the Calendar extension builds on a modfied core. As a result, some network services are not available. See Calendar vs. Sunbird and Bug 237148.

Workarounds: Do not use the Calendar extension on Sunbird.

Some ICS files are not readable by Apple iCal

Issue: Apple iCal will not read in some .ics files published by Sunbird or Calendar Extension.

Versions: Sunbird 0.2 and Calendar Extension 0.8.3.

Background: The problem is known to happen when there are long descriptions, which are wrapped to 75 characters in the ICS file using LF instead of CRLF line ends. See Bug 283881.

Workarounds: Instead, use one of the workarounds below:

  • Use only empty or short descriptions, less than 75 characters, so no descriptions are wrapped.
  • Use Export, which post-processes line ends to work around the problem:
    • Deselect other calendars in the calendars tab.
    • Select "View All Events" in the event list.
    • Select "All Events".
    • Select "File -> Export Selected Events".
    • Use Calendar file format (ICS, not VCS).
    • Publish the calendar using other means, such as manual FTP.