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===Default Quick Searches=== ===Default Quick Searches===
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Default Quick Searches

Service Keyword
Google google
Google's "I'm Feeling Lucky" goto dict
Google's stock quote quote


Just type the keyword in the address bar, followed by your entry,

dict parallelopipedon

will give you the meaning of the word 'parallelopipedon'.

Make Your Own

  • Do a search on the site or find the site you want to add a quicksearch to.
  • Bookmark the page you are brought to.
  • In your bookmark, find and replace what you searched for with %s (If it does not appear, you cannot use a quicksearch here)
  • Add a keyword

You can do the same for your bookmarks, just right-click on a bookmark and choose "Properties". In this panel you can fill in the keyword, which from now on, you can type in your address bar instead of the bookmarked url. This is a wonderful way of accessing your bookmarklets [1] [2].

You could also right-click on the search field of the engine you wish to create a quicksearch bookmark for and select the "Add a Keyword for this Search..." option, then simply assign it a name and a keyword.