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Extensions are small adds-ons that give new functionality to complement Thunderbird's built-in features, so that you can customize Thunderbird to fit your own individual needs.


Installing a Thunderbird extension is a two-step process. First, after finding the extension that you want to install, save it to your computer (right-click and choose "Save Link As...") in a convenient location. Second, in Thunderbird go to the "Tools" menu, select "Extensions", click the "Install" button, browse to the extension that you just downloaded, and click the Open/OK button.

Installing "old" extensions: there are some older extensions that have not been updated to work with Thunderbird's Extensions Manager, but in many cases these extensions will in fact function with newer versions Thunderbird. To use one or more of these older extensions, so that they will show up in the Extensions Manager, try first installing the Show Old Extensions extension.

After installing your extensions, it is a good idea to keep the downloaded files somewhere on your computer in case you need to install these extensions again in a new Thunderbird profile in the future.

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