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Duplicate bookmarks are bookmarks referring to the same URL.

Firefox 3 introduced the bookmarks database file places.sqlite, and a new method of bookmarking from a current page with the star on the location bar. You cannot use the bookmark this page using the star or Ctrl+D to create a duplicate as you would simply change the folder but have the same bookmark as the the preexisting bookmark.

A bookmark keyword has a one to one correspondence with a bookmark, so if you need two different keywords to refer to the same url, you must create duplicate bookmarks each having it's own keyword. A keyword is an alias for a bookmark.

Another use for duplicate bookmarks would be to refer to a webpage from different folders related to different topics.

It is still possible in Firefox 3 to create and retain duplicate bookmarks, but you fewer choices to create duplicate bookmarks than you would to simply create a bookmark the first time. Clicking on the star to create another bookmark will not work, nor will Ctrl+D which will bring up the same dialog.


Creating duplicate bookmarks

Some methods of creating duplicate bookmarks

  • Copy an existing bookmark and paste it elsewhere
  • Drag the favicon of the active URL to a bookmark folder

Not deleting a duplicate bookmark

  • When you use remove a bookmark for the active tab using the star dialog, make sure it indicates "Remove Bookmark", and not multiple bookmarks like "Remove 5 Bookmarks".

Removing the correct duplicate bookmark

You can remove a single bookmark from a bookmark folder such as in the Bookmarks Sidebar (Ctrl+B) or from the Library List (Ctrl+Shift+B) but you should look at the bookmark properties to see why you have a duplicate such as needed in two different folders, or for a different keyword. If you use a search in the sidebar for the url you will may see 5 bookmarks, you would need to right-click to check the properties. If you use a search in the Library List you can check columns such as parent folder, keyword, description to see why you are maintaining duplicates and to remove only the one(s) you don't want.


  • Bookmark Duplicate Detector, detects Duplicate Bookmarks when bookmarks are added and provides folder location of the previous URL.
  • Go Parent Folder Add "Go Parent Folder" menu to context menu in The Library list view and Search result in Bookmarks Sidebar
  • Old Add Bookmark Behavior, makes "Bookmark This Page", "Bookmark This Tab" and "Bookmark All Tabs" behavior equal with Firefox2.
  • Show Parent Folder , allows you to add a column in your Library List for the Parent Folder.

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