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Whenever you install an extension (or click on a link to an XPI file), a confirmation dialog pops up with a short delay, preventing you from immediately confirming the install. It may be convenient to disable this delay, and there are two ways to do this.

Note: Jesse Ruderman gives us reasons for not doing this EVEN IF YOU ARE AN ADVANCED USER. Please read it before proceeding.


Editing toolkit.jar

Change the necessary lines in "toolkit.jar/content/mozapps/xpinstall/xpinstallConfirm.js" to:

_installCountdown: 0


this._installCountdownInterval = setInterval("XPInstallConfirm.okButtonCountdown()",0);

You can access "xpinstallConfirm.js" by unzipping "toolkit.jar" in your "/path/to/Firefox/chrome" folder to somewhere else, keeping directory/folder structure intact. Modify the JS file and repackage everything with the folder structure it originally was stored into ZIP file. Rename the ZIP file to "toolkit.jar" and rename the original "toolkit.jar" to "toolkit.jar.bak" (as a backup). Then place the new "toolkit.jar" into "/path/to/Firefox/chrome".

(Source: MozillaZine Forums post by Cusser.)

Using an Extension

The extension MR Tech Disable XPI Install Delay does essentially the same thing as above, but in a convenient XPI format.


There are currently no preferences you can set to disable the delay. "security.dialog_enable_delay" would be a likely candidate for this purpose, and there is a bug filed for this enhancement.

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