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Project ideas

This is a page for developers who are looking for ideas to start hacking on. Users, please discuss it on the forums (in Features or Extensions sections) before adding your wishes here (to make sure requested extension doesn't exist yet). Nevertheless, developers should first search for an extension before implementing it.

If you're taking a project, please add a notice to the entry. Use signatures (four ~s), add contact information if possible.

When adding a new idea, be sure to explain it, preferably add a link to discussion or a detailed description. Non-detailed requests are less likely to be implemented. Add links to relevant b.m.o bugs. Use separate pages [Dev : Project ideas : ...] for really long ideas to make the list here easier to look through. Add new ideas to the bottom of the lists.

I thought that it is a good idea to sort the requests by their difficulty, if you don't know how difficult your request is, put it under "Unknown difficulty" list.

The extensions ideas


  • Run a program when browser exits [1] Asqueella 08:40, 26 Sep 2004 (PDT) (per request on forum)



  • Proxomitron-like extension for Mozilla/Firefox. (Proxomitron is a software proxy that processes HTML source before it is rendered in the browser). Some ideas on developing it (including a pieces model) are in this rue's post. Asqueella 08:40, 26 Sep 2004 (PDT) (multiple requests on forums)

Unknown difficulty

  • Pasting predefined text on hotkey Asqueella 08:40, 26 Sep 2004 (PDT) (copied from mozdev's project ideas wiki)