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-{{extdev}}+#REDIRECT [[Development resources]]
- +
-Websites that are useful for Mozilla development.+
- +
-*[ XulPlanet] the premier resource for XUL and general Mozilla development on the internet+
-**[ Introductory document]+
-**[ XUL elements reference]+
-*[ XUL Programmer's Reference] XUL programmer's reference from (slightly dated)+
-*[ XUL documentation] contaning many links to resources, a lot of which are no longer maintained+
- +
-*[ Introduction to XBL] from XulPlanet's XUL tutorial+
-*[ XBL Specifcation] from
-*[ XBL documentation] much of whch is unmaintained+
- +
-*[ ECMA-262 Edition 3 (PDF)] the formal Javascript specification+
-*[ Javascript Central] at Netscape Devedge+
- +
-*[ Douglas Crockford]'s Javascript links+
-*[ Javascript Optimization Techniques]+
-*[ Javascript Closures]+
-*[[Dev : Javascript coding guidelines]]+
- +
-*[ DOM Specifcations] from the w3c DOM Working Group+
-*[ Mozilla AOM Reference] - A guide to the HTML/XUL DOM as implemened in Mozilla+
-*[ XulPlanet Object Reference] generated from the source code+
-*[ Gecko DOM Reference] +
- +
-==XPCOM / XPConnect ==+
-*[ XPCOM Reference] - XulPlanet's guide to to the XPCOM interfaces implemented by Mozilla, generated from the source code.+
-*[ Creating XPCOM Components] - A book for developers wishing to create their own XPCOM components in languages such as C++, Javascript and Python.+
-*[ XPCOM page] containing a variety of links to useful XPCOM documents.+
-*[ Creating a C++ XPCOM component] step-by-step tutorial on [].+
- +
-*[ CSS Specifications] from the w3c+
-*[ page on CSS]+
-*[ The list of Mozilla-specific CSS properties]+
- +
-*[ RDF documentation] somewhat unmaintained but with many useful links+
-*[ w3c RDF page] with specifcations and links to articles for beginners+
-*[ Introduction to RDF] from XulPlanet's XUL tutorial+
-*[ Introduction to RDF model] from XulPlanet. General information for beginners.+
- +
-* [ Creating Applications With Mozilla] O'Reilly's reference - released at about same time as Seamonkey (the Mozilla suite) 1.0 and avaliable online as a collection of HTML files.+
-* [ Rapid Application Development With Mozilla] Avaliable as a set of compressed PDF files. More up to date and more detailed than the O'Reilly offering.+
- +
-* [ LXR] - Search the Mozilla source code+
-* [ Packaging Firefox/Thunderbird Extensions] A reference for the Firefox 0.9+ packaging format+
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