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The file cookies.txt was used in Firefox 2 or below and in Mozilla Suite/SeaMonkey 1.x for storing cookies, which are lines of plain-text stored and retrieved by websites you visit.

Starting in SeaMonkey 2 and Firefox 3, cookies are stored in the database file cookies.sqlite. In converted profiles, cookies.txt data is migrated to cookies.sqlite. [1]

This format is obsolete. Please use cookies.sqlite instead.


A typical line from the file might read (the spaces are tabs in the original file): FALSE / FALSE 1146030396 wikiUserID 16993

The meaning of the above line is as follows: The name of the website (server) that stored the cookie.
FALSE Whether the cookie can be read by other machines at the same domain (; in this case, no.
/ The directory path for which the cookie is relevant; in this case, / denotes the home directory (i.e., the URL
FALSE Whether the cookie requires a secure connection; in this case, no.
1146030396 The time at which the cookie will expire (the number of seconds since 12 a.m., January 1, 1970).
wikiUserID The name of the cookie.
16993 The value of the cookie.


This file can be moved to a different profile without any extra effort.


Deleting cookies.txt will reset (clear) all your cookies. A new file will be created on start up or when the application first needs to write to the file.

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