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English (British) Character recognition

Version 1.5 Firefox English (British) does not recognise the £ (GBP) sign. It converts it to a ? in a text editing box. I am using a rich text box on an Intranet Web page. It is OK in Ver. 1.0.7.

Also, there is no distinction of the language in "Properties, Version" of the Firefox Setup 1.5.exe that it is the British versiom. It states it is "English - United States"

Hi. If you think this is a bug, search for it on BugZilla and, if it has not already been reported, create a new bug report for it. (Talk pages on the Knowledge Base are just for discussing the contents of the corresponding article.) --Mozcerize


I think we should generalize this from the display of webpages to be about webpages in general. For example, there's nothing really wrong with the display of Windows Update, it's the fact that you can't get in.--Np 16:46, 20 August 2006 (UTC)

If the article PostScript Module stays, it ought to go in a category on page display and printing. As it is, this title just barely describes the contents. How about "Displaying and printing Web pages"?--AnotherGuest. 24 Aug 06 24 Aug 06
I'm talking about making this about webpages in general, not just display. For example, Creating a desktop to a webpage is not about page display, but is about webpages in general. A printing article would also fit.--Np 21:20, 24 August 2006 (UTC)