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Transfering extension

Is there an easy way to move my extensions?

No, currently (FF 1.5) there is no easy way to move extensions from one install to another.

In FF 1.5 you should be able to copy the extension's directory (usually at profile folder/extensions/extension-id) from one install to another. --asqueella 14:16, 13 December 2005 (UTC)

What are some work arounds?

You can save the extension files somewhere and import them into the Extension Manager by dragging and dropping.

You can use [infolister] to make a record of what extensions you are using.

A similar program is [ListZilla]

Also look at massinstaller [[1]]

Are there any ideas for improving this?

I have no idea. I can suggest that in the Extension Manager (EM) there be put a button that exports all the current extensions into a .txt or if possible the actual files which can be moved to another install of FF.

Could a file be created that can be imported into the EM and it download what I need?

Currently I don't think so but if someone could do it it would be great.