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Mozilla Firefox’s Places system allows the use of “smart folders,” folders containing recently starred pages, recently used tags, most visited pages, and so on. In Firefox 3, a folder containing smart folders is added to the user’s bookmarks the first time their profile is used. This preference kept track of whether that folder of smart folders had been created. Its functionality was replaced by browser.places.createdSmartBookmarks, which in turn was superseded by browser.places.smartBookmarksVersion.

Possible values and their effects


A "Most Viewed" folder in the Bookmarks Toolbar Folder has been created already; do not create a new one


Create a "Most Viewed" folder in the Bookmarks Toolbar Folder, then toggle this preference to True. (Default)


  • Setting this preference to False may result in duplicate Places folders in your Bookmarks Toolbar Folder.

First checked in

2007-10-10 by Seth Spitzer

Has an effect in

  • Mozilla Firefox (nightly builds between 2007-10-10 and 2007-12-04)

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