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This article applies to Firefox 3 and above.

To bookmark a page, click on the star outline at the right-hand end within the Location box, the star gets filled in to indicate it is now a bookmark. Clicking on the bookmarked star brings up the bookmark dialog described below.

Bookmark dialog

Bookmarking a Page

Clicking on the hollow Star at the right of the location bar will bookmark to "Unsorted bookmarks", using "Ctrl+D" instead will bookmark to the the "Bookmarks Menu" instead. Either method will bookmark the webpage and bring up the Bookmark dialog and allow you change bookmark properties.

Action button

Immediately after bookmarking a page, the action button at the top of the Bookmark dialog will display "Remove Bookmark" permitting you to delete the bookmark.

You may see action buttons "Remove Bookmark", "Remove 2 Bookmarks", or comment "Page Bookmarked".

You will see "Page Bookmarked" as a comment at the top, if created by "Bookmark This Page (Ctrl+D)" and as such the action can be canceled with the "Cancel" button in bottom right corner.

By default new bookmarks created by clicking the star go into the major "Unsorted Bookmarks" folder and new bookmarks created via "Bookmark This Page (Ctrl+D)" go to the major "Bookmarks Menu" folder.
The major folders are "Bookmarks Toolbar", "Bookmarks Menu", and "Unsorted Bookmarks".

Drop-down buttons

There are three drop-down buttons

  • 1st - list of most recently bookmarked to folders (the entire tinted row is the button, not just the little included drop-down triangle)
  • 2nd - expands list so you can see bookmark hierarchy, so you can change folder to any bookmark folder.
  • 3rd - for tags (tempest in a teapot)

Clicking on the 1st drop-down, displays a list of most recently bookmarked to folders.

Clicking on the 2nd drop-down, displays bookmark folders and sub-folders. A "New Folder" button appears, and it is used to add a new folder to the folder that is selected -- the bookmark will be changed to the new folder after pressing "Done". To switch bookmark to another existing folder click on a folder name in the 1st or 2nd drop-down and press "Done".

Clicking on the 3rd drop-down, lists your current tags, every tag that is used will generate an additional unseen bookmark for each bookmark it is attached to. Can be useful to few people with previous tagging experience, but is probably the most misused and mismanaged of all bookmark properties.

Expanded folders list

The second drop-down expands the list, as explained above.


  • OpenBook extension. Bypass the problem of a crippled bookmarks dialog box and start with the expanded view (2nd drop-down) along with the "New Folder" button. More importantly, it includes the "keyword" property without which Firefox would be just barely a better browser, and it includes the "Description" property that may be filled in when you start but you can modify it as suited just like changing the name/title. There is also a little "+" sign in lower left-hand corner that can be used the resize the Bookmark dialog box.
  • Add Bookmark Here ², same as OpenBook extension, except can add bookmark at the folder, but does not allow horizontal resizing of the Bookmark dialog,.
  • Go Parent Folder extension. Locate the Bookmark folder for a Bookmark in Bookmarks search results. (Firefox 3)
  • Show Parent Folder extension. Adds a column for list view of Library (Organize Bookmarks), especially useful if view is of search results. To be seen, column must then be added through the View menu of the Library list (Firefox 3)
  • keywordManager extension. A small tool to manage bookmark keywords (Firefox 3)


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