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{{extdev}} {{extdev}}
-Here is a bash script I'm using to package my extensions (under [ Cygwin]). For Windows script see [[Dev : Extensions : Windows cmd build script|'''cmd''' build script]].+Here is a bash script I'm using to package my extensions (under [ Cygwin]). See also [[Windows build script]].
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This page is part of the extension development documentation project.

Ask your questions in MozillaZine Forums. Also try browsing example code.

Note: development documentation is in process of being moved to Mozilla Development Center (MDC).

Here is a bash script I'm using to package my extensions (under Cygwin). See also Windows build script.

# -- builds JAR and XPI files for mozilla extensions
#   by Nickolay Ponomarev <>
#   based on Nathan Yergler's build script

# this script assumes the following directory structure:
# ./
#   (files listed in $ROOT_FILES)
#   content/
#   locale/
#   skin/
#   defaults/    (only if $HAS_DEFAULTS=1)
#   components/  (only if $HAS_COMPONENTS=1)
# It uses a temporary directory ./build; don't use that!
# Its output is:
# ./$APP_NAME.xpi
# ./$APP_NAME.jar  (only if $KEEP_JAR=1)
# ./files -- the list of packaged files

#### editable items (none of these can be blank)
APP_NAME=infolister  # short-name, jar and xpi files name.
HAS_DEFAULTS=1       # whether the ext. provides default values for user prefs etc.
HAS_COMPONENTS=1     # whether the ext. includes any components
KEEP_JAR=1           # leave the jar when done?
ROOT_FILES="license.txt install.rdf" # put these files in root of xpi
VERSION=0.8.1        # version (for preprocessor which replaces __VERSION__ in 
                     # install.rdf with $VERSION.builddate, eg
#### editable items end


#uncomment to debug
#set -x

# remove any left-over files
rm $APP_NAME.jar
rm $APP_NAME.xpi
rm files
rm -rf $TMP_DIR

mkdir --parents --verbose $TMP_DIR/chrome

# generate the JAR file, excluding CVS and temporary files
echo "Generating $JAR_FILE..."
for CHROME_SUBDIR in content locale skin; do
  find $CHROME_SUBDIR -path '*CVS*' -prune -o -type f -print | grep -v \~ >> files

zip -0 -r $JAR_FILE `cat files`
# The following statement should be used instead if you don't wish to use the JAR file
#cp --verbose --parents `cat files` $TMP_DIR/chrome

# prepare components and defaults
echo "Copying various files to '$TMP_DIR'..."
if [ $HAS_COMPONENTS = 1 ]; then
  mkdir $TMP_DIR/components
  COMPONENT_FILES="`find components -path '*CVS*' -prune -o -type f -print | grep -v \~`"
  echo $COMPONENT_FILES >> files
  cp --verbose --parents $COMPONENT_FILES $TMP_DIR

if [ $HAS_DEFAULTS = 1 ]; then
  DEFAULT_FILES="`find defaults -path '*CVS*' -prune -o -type f -print | grep -v \~`"
  echo $DEFAULT_FILES >> files
  cp --verbose --parents $DEFAULT_FILES $TMP_DIR

# Copy other files to the root of future XPI.
  echo $ROOT_FILE >> files
  cp --verbose $ROOT_FILE $TMP_DIR

# Preprocess install.rdf (insert current date)
# XXX preprocess customizable set of files (about.xul)
if [ -f "install.rdf" ]; then
  echo "Preprocessing install.rdf..."
  cat install.rdf | sed s/__VERSION__/$VERSION.`date "+%Y%m%d"`/ > install.rdf

# generate the XPI file
echo "Generating $APP_NAME.xpi..."
zip -r ../$APP_NAME.xpi *


echo "Cleanup..."
if [ $KEEP_JAR = 1 ]; then
  # save the jar file
  mv $TMP_DIR/chrome/$APP_NAME.jar .

# remove the working files
rm -rf $TMP_DIR
echo "Done!"