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Find As You Type (or Type Ahead Find as it was originally called) allows you to start finding text on the page immediately by simply typing the text you’re trying to find. This preference lets you restrict the text being searched to link text only, and that the search text be “anchored” at the beginning of the link text.

Possible values and their effects


When using Find As You Type, the search text must appear starting at the beginning of links. For example, searching for "Release" would match a link to “Release 1.4 Alpha” but not “Pre-Release 0.10.”


When using Find As You Type, the search text may appear anywhere in the link text. (Default)


  • This preference’s functionality was broken for a short time on the Mozilla Firefox Aviary branch (see bug 251073).

First checked in

2002-08-19 by Aaron Leventhal (checked in as a default feature rather than packaged as an extension)

Has an effect in

  • Netscape (all versions since 7.1)
  • Mozilla Suite (all versions since 1.2)
  • Mozilla Phoenix (all versions since 0.4)
  • Mozilla Firebird (all versions)
  • Mozilla Firefox (all versions excluding 0.10 PR - see bug below)
  • SeaMonkey (all versions)

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