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Find As You Type (or Type Ahead Find as it was originally called) allows you to start finding text on the page immediately by simply typing the text you’re trying to find. After a set amount of time with no further keyboard input, Find As You Type can be deactivated. This preference determines whether or not that happens.

Possible values and their effects


Allow FAYT to be deactivated after a set amount of time with no more keyboard input. (Default)


Once activated, FAYT will not deactivate until the user presses [Esc].


  • In Firefox, this preference currently does nothing (see bug 260562).


Mozilla Suite

A checkbox labeled “Clear the current search after a few seconds of inactivity” is located under “Edit → Preferences → Advanced → Keyboard Navigation → Find As You Type”.

First checked in

2003-01-13 by Aaron Leventhal

Has an effect in

  • Netscape (all versions since 7.1)
  • Mozilla Suite (all versions since 1.2a)
  • Mozilla Phoenix (all versions since 0.4)
  • Mozilla Firebird (all versions)
  • Mozilla Firefox (all versions prior to 0.10 PR)
  • Camino (all versions since 0.8)
  • SeaMonkey (all versions)

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