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If web pages' background and text colors are displaying wrong, try checking the following settings:

  • (Firefox) View -> Page Style should not be set to "No Style"

  • "Tools -> Options -> Content -> Colors" - check "Allow pages to use their own colors, instead of my selections above"

  • (Windows Vista and later users) Control Panel -> Appearance and Personalization -> Personalization -> Window Color & Appearance -> Appearance - uncheck "High Contrast", restart the application [1][2]

  • (Windows XP users) Start Menu -> Control Panel -> Accessibility -> Display - uncheck "Use High Contrast", restart the application [3]

  • (Windows users) Right-click the Firefox shortcut -> Properties -> Compatibility - uncheck "Run in 256 colors" and other possible Compatibility mode settings, restart the application

  • (Mac users) Apple menu -> System Preferences, click Universal Access, and then click Seeing [4][5]

If none of those settings work, try it on another system. If the other system also has the same issues, it's likely a problem with the site.