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I noticed you just created both a Seamonkey and a SeaMonkey category. You probably didn't know about a convention we have. To avoid nasty surprises and edit wars we have a convention that you propose anything that effects other editors such as new categories or new guidelines (such as how/when should we remove obsolete information) in Knowledge Base changes before implementing it, and give the other editors a chance to comment first. Alice Wyman for example has made many SeaMonkey related changes to articles and has in general proposed how we should deal with SeaMonkey. I'm not saying that she should have decided whether or not we have a SeaMonkey category (we try to resolve things by consensus), but she deserved a chance to have a voice in the discussion.

Its also a bad idea to have both a Seamonkey and a SeaMonkey category. The searches aren't case specific, and we don't do that for any of the other applications.

Please feel free to remove my comments a couple of days from now. Tanstaafl 19:34, 30 September 2008 (UTC)