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Hi, Jm,

I see that you contributed to the Problematic extensions article by adding an entry for ThinkVantage Password Manager 2.0. You said, Firefox freezes for 5 seconds when new windows are opened. Note that this extension is installed by default on Lenovo Thinkpad laptops. and that, to fix the problem, Disable the Thinkvantage Password Manager add-on. You also added the issue to the Firefox hangs article.

(By the way, in searching for references myself, I found How-to use ThinkVantage Password Manager with Firefox 2.0 and Users must manually install the ThinkVantage Password Manager 2.0 Extension to enable FireFox browser support. These pages say that the Firefox extension, at one time at least, needed to be manually installed.)

Thanks for adding that information to the KB. Only thing, you didn't include any references.

It would be great if you could you edit the Problematic extensions article to add a link for the "ThinkVantage Password Manager" entry, to a Lenovo Thinkpad page describing the extension (or at least, a link to the Lenovo Thinkpad site). We also need a reference for the freezing issue, such as a link to a forum topic describing the problem. If you experienced the freezing yourself, with version 2.0 of the ThinkVantage PM extension, could you confirm that here or on the article discussion page? Thanks. Alice 14:45, 2 November 2007 (UTC)

Followup: See Talk:Problematic_extensions#ThinkVantage_Password_Manager Alice 16:40, 9 November 2007 (UTC)