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Master password article

I re-edited the Master password article to organize it better and to remove duplicate information. For one thing, you repeated the phrase "prying user(s)" three times in your "Simple explanation" section:
It takes only fifteen seconds for a prying user sitting at your computer to see the list of all the passwords you have told Firefox or Thunderbird to save, shown plain as day. If you set a Master Password, these prying users won't be able to see the list unless they can guess your master password first. Also, Firefox won't let these prying users log into your online services ...
I reworded the paragraph, added other information, and made an "Intro" with no heading. I also renamed "Detailed explanation" to "Using a master password" (it's more meaningful) and I reorganized the section and removed a duplicate paragraph. If you want to edit the article again, could you try to keep with the style of the rest of the article? Thanks. Alice 11:52, 22 December 2009 (UTC)