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Hello. I think you should have noted that you were going to do a lot of architectural changes to the wiki (and you should also have listed the changes you were going to make) before going ahead and doing that. It's a bit rude to do what you have done without (at least) first telling those who are contributing here for a longer time than you do.

Anyways, here's the list of things I didn't like about your edits. This isn't meant to be complete, but still.

  • Please don't move the Firefox : FAQs -like listeing pages. We should instead make use of categories.
  • Your move of Dev : Extensions to Extensions is a mistake, it should be in Extension development, that's less ambiguous. Useful prefs wasn't a good idea either imo.
  • see Talk:Mozilla
  • NsIFilePicker is less that beautiful. That's why the article was called Dev : nsIFilePicker.
  • Please check for and fix double-redirects when moving a page.
  • The old categories (that you cleared) were linked to from forum posts.
  • Links (Mozilla Suite) moved to Mozilla Suite links (diff; hist) . . Fatalis (Talk) --

We decided to use "Page name (Application)" notation for a number of reasons. Please don't move the pages that use that naming convention and move those you have already moved back.

asqueella 20:48, 25 Mar 2005 (PST)

I've made a mistake, haven't I. I'll fix what I can and try to be more careful next time.
  • Regarding Dev : nsIFilePicker: the style guide suggests that all hard-coded category names should be dropped from page names. I'm not going to move anything else of the kind until I learn how categorization works, though.
  • Links (Mozilla Suite) is back where it was now. I initially changed it because of the unsightly encoded brackets in the URL. This naming convention should be also added to the style guide.
  • The now-empty JavaScript categories won't allow me to redirect to the new ones. I guess putting a regular link in them will have to do.
Hi Fatalis. It's good to see new people coming to help with the knowledge base, as there aren't many regular contributors and it's a lot of work. The main problem with your editing/renaming, I think, is that you all of the sudden came in and made over 100 changes in the past two days without first finding out clearly how things work here. And unfortunately, it's not easy right now to find out how things work here because the Rules are in the process of being rewritten. If you look at Talk:Rules and the various links there, you'll see that there's been a lot of recent discussion about the Rules, In-house Style, Categories, and Templates. I think that most of the new policies etc. have been decided, but they haven't yet been written into the Rules page (for instance, the Rules page doesn't yet explain the new naming system or how to use Categories). What I'd recommend is that you take some time to read through some of that discussion, and please don't go wild renaming pages just yet. Thanks! Wintogreen 07:00, 26 Mar 2005 (PST)
Thanks for the advice. —Fatalis
Actually I did a quick rewrite of the Rules earlier today, so hopefully the naming guidlines are clearer now. --wintogreen
Yeah, I noticed. Thanks again. ^ ^ —Fatalis


By the way, what was the point of moving In-House Style to Kb:In-House Style? We should either use the namespace (MozillaZine Knowledge Base:*) or leave it as it is. Do you agree?


It's weird that you ask me, since the one who moved it was User:Moogle (19 Mar 2005, 04:21). —Fatalis
Mixed you with him; my apologies. --asqueella