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New article or entry needed:

When Web addresses are typed into an Internet Explorer URL address box, sometimes the Web page opens in Firefox instead. [refs: , including comment 1; ; ] This is a Windows bug that affects IE, but Mozilla gets support requests about this.

4 Apr 07

I added an entry for URLs entered into the Internet Explorer address bar cause Firefox to open under Issues_with_Firefox#Other Alice 00:55, 5 April 2007 (UTC)

Closed subjects removed 21 Dec 06. See previous version.

DRAFT ARTICLE TO REPLACE "Lost Bookmarks" is on my page, here:


Mostly I've just cut and pasted, and I have added a section on diagnosis. In some places I have edited a bit. Please edit as you see fit, but edit carefully.

The philosophy in editing was to economize on words by placing everything (hopefully) in exactly the right place. Less is more. The section on recovery from backups was extensively rewritten, since I didn't see how anyone was supposed to figure out if they had the right file. A lot of users seemed to be getting lost here.

Stuff that's missing

  • Advanced method (ergo, brief description) to find and restore from backups. That can be added later to the section on backups and labeled "Advanced users" or some such.
  • Explicit notice of how to find hidden files in Windows. To be added to advanced method.
  • There are some pieces of leftover text at the beginning.
  • Better reference to actual rdf loss in section "Bookmarks lost after computer restart/crash". Majken, can you find this? See discussion from "Lost Bookmarks". This is almost verbatim from discussion.
  • Extension to find profile (see comment by Frank Lion).

Stuff that's broken

  • Internal links in first section. Fixed, sort of.

--AnotherGuest. 21 Dec 06

Adding a new article

Per your note on my talk page, to create a new article, just type the URL for the new article and click edit. For example, if you wanted to create an article titled "AnotherGuest is awesome", you would type " is awesome" in the address bar. And yes, I agree we should have an article for the problem mentioned.--Np 20:47, 30 April 2007 (UTC)

Or on the other hand, I'm not seeing much of this any more. Why should we do MS's work for them. And maybe they fixed it already. See also comment at top for the relevant information. --AnotherGuest. 1 May 07