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About Me

Hi! My name is Jeff Walden, and I'm just an interested end-user (probably too interested) with a little time on my hands to work to make Firefox the best browser around. I don't really know C++ yet (well, I know a reasonable amount of the basic C-inherited syntax - but more importantly, I don't know the Mozilla tree), so I'm limited to making helpful suggestions, triaging bugs, and owning the Firefox Help viewer and documentation projects.

Important Stuff

There's not much here right now. I'm too busy enjoying Firefox to write much here. Anyways, if by some odd twist of fate you haven't tried out Firefox, give it a whirl! It beats the pants off Internet Explorer with no problems, and it can only get better. Besides, if you don't like something, it's easy enough to fix: just find or write an extension for it. That's the beauty of this whole "Features by Extensibility" thing - it works for everyone.

Other than that, keep on linking to Firefox stuff. If you have a website or a blog, link with a Firefox button. If you don't have either, put a link in your email signatures. If you don't have any of these, convert a friend who does and get him to put links on his blog/webpage. sfx is also a good way to publicize Firefox. It's viral marketing, people, and it's the only way we'll put a dent in IE's user share. This revolution can only start at the grass-roots level.

Important Links

  • y0
    • my blog when I feel like it - runs Wordpress, seems to be pretty nice (hosting courtesy of MIT)
  • Mozilla Firefox
    • 'nuff said
  • Mozillazine
    • on the whole a good place (as long as Opera people don't come purely to flame and we don't respond in kind, which sometimes doesn't happen)